Office of the Controller Procedures

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Financial Affairs, Office of the Controller   |   Approved August 9, 2017


Pay tuition and fees to UMB in accordance with UMB Policy VIII-2.20(A) Payment of Tuition and Fees.


Students who register for classes at UMB and are billed by UMB.

Operational Units (schools, departments, divisions) seeking to apply UMB Funds for the payment of student charges.


  1. Tuition and fees are posted to a student’s account when the student registers for classes.  Due dates are published on the Financial Services-Student Accounting (FS-SA) website.
  2. Financial Aid, Tuition Remission, Third Party payments, and Internal Payments (e.g. discretionary funds, sponsors) are posted to the student’s account.  The remaining balance must be paid using acceptable payment methods.
    1. Financial Aid is administered by the Department of Student Financial Assistance and Education.
    2. Tuition Remission is administered by the Department of Human Resource Services.
    3. Third party billing is administered by FS-SA.  Billing is consistent with the terms of a Third Party Tuition Contract (which may be a contract, or an approved form) issued to a student and provided to UMB by the student.   A Third Party Tuition Contract is a written agreement or form authorizing UMB to bill all or part of a student’s tuition charges directly to the third party, which typically is the student’s employer.  The third party’s obligation to pay must be based on a student’s registration, not upon matriculation or program completion.   Payment from the third party is due upon receipt of the UMB invoice. The student is responsible for any tuition not covered by the Third Party Tuition Contract and any amount not received by UMB upon billing for the Third Party support.  If the Third Party fails to pay UMB within 30 days after the third billing, the student will be billed and is responsible for payment.
    4. Internal Payments
      1. Internal payments using grant, revolving, or discretionary funds are applied to tuition, fees, and insurance charges.  If there are funds remaining, the funds will be returned to the funding source (i.e., credited to the chartstring).
      2. Operational Units are responsible for ensuring payments are allowable as evidenced by the grant sponsor’s contract or other communication from the head of the Operational Unit.
      3. The Operational Unit completes the Tuition/Fees/Insurance Payment Form available on the Financial Services website.
      4. The form must be signed by a Person with Fiscal Authority over the funds used for the payment.  This person accepts responsibility for authorizing the fiscal activity that appears within the financial accounting records for the projects under the person’s responsibility.
  3. Acceptable Payment Methods
    1. The following methods are available for payments in U.S. dollars (USD):




      Cashier’s Office









      Money Order








      Credit Card 

      (2.85% convenience fee,

      minimum fee:  $3.00)




    2. Payments made using foreign currency (i.e. not USD) are only accepted through Flywire.  Access to Flywire is available in SURFS.
    3. Payments by mail should include the student’s name and Student ID.  Checks/money orders should be made payable to University of Maryland, Baltimore.  Mail to:

      University of Maryland, Baltimore
      P.O. Box 17108
      Baltimore, MD  21297

    4. The Cashier’s Office is located at:

      University of Maryland, Baltimore
      Health Sciences and Human Services Library
      601 W. Lombard Street, 2nd Floor
      Baltimore, Maryland  21201

    5. The website for making online payments is printed on the invoice or may be accessed through SURFS.
  4. UMB Installment Plan
    1. A student seeking to pay in installments should visit the Student Accounting office (located on the 2nd floor of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library) before the original due date of the bill to execute a UMB Installment Plan contract.
    2. UMB Installment Plan Terms
      1. An administrative fee of $10.00 per semester is added to the outstanding balance.
      2. One-third (1/3) of the charges plus the $10.00 administration fee are due on the original due date.
      3. One-third (1/3) of the charges is due 30 days after the original due date.
      4. One-third (1/3) of the charges is due 60 days after the original due date.
      5. A $25.00 late fee may be charged for any installment not paid by the installment due date.  If an installment payment is not received within 10 days after its due date, the total remaining balance becomes due immediately and additional late fees may be charged in the amount of 5% of the outstanding balance to a maximum of $200.00.
  5. UMB Account Financial Payment Agreement
    1. Refer to UMB Policy VII-2.20(A) Payment of Tuition and Fees for information on the UMB Account Financial Payment Agreement.
    2. A student who satisfies the criteria for a UMB Account Financial Payment Agreement and would like to schedule an appointment with the Bursar may contact the Bursar at 410-706-2929.
  6. If payment is not received by the due date, the semester outstanding balance is subject to a one-time late fee of 5% to a maximum of $200.00.  
  7. Compliance
    1. UMB is required to comply with IRS regulations regarding the reporting of tuition and fees.
      1. Students should review their personal information in the online student portal (SURFS) to ensure the Social Security Number (SSN), or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), is correct.
        1. Students with missing SSN or ITIN information will be contacted by FS-SA to provide the correct information.
        2. Failure to furnish a correct SSN, or ITIN, to FS-SA may result in penalties imposed on the student by the IRS.
      2. A Form 1098-T will be generated and delivered to the student at the address stored in SURFS.  Students may consent to receive the 1098-T electronically instead of in paper form.  Instructions for granting consent to an electronic 1098-T are emailed to students in October.
    2. Operational Units cannot use State general funds to pay any charges billed to or on behalf of students.
  8. Employees in Operational Units who improperly authorize the use of general funds or other UMB Funds for tuition and other student charges may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal action.  Payments for tuition or fees using UMB Funds that have not been properly authorized must be reimbursed to UMB from external sources (e.g. Foundation funds) or charged back to the student).
  9. Exceptions to this Procedure must be approved in writing by the University Controller (UC) in Financial Services. All requests must be submitted to the UC using the Policy or Procedure Exception Request Form available on the Financial Services website.  The request must be signed/e-mailed by the Department Head or designee.
  10. Questions?  Contact the Bursar at 410-706-2929.



  • Pay charges on or before the payment due date.
  • Ensure personal information stored in the online student portal (SURFS) is current.
  • Initiate a UMB Payment Plan and comply with the terms of the Plan.
  • Monitor student account activity to ensure Financial Aid, payments from third parties, or other financial assistance is posted.  Notify the appropriate entity, shown in the table below, if payments have not posted.

Source of Funds


Grant, Revolving, Discretionary Funds

UMB Operational Unit administering the funds

Federal Aid

UMB Department of Financial Assistance and Education

Employer-provided funds


Tuition Remission

UMB Department of Human Resource Services- Benefits

Third Party Tuition Contracts

UMB Department of Financial Services- Student Accounting

Operational Units

  • Ensure that grant, revolving, or discretionary funds used to pay student charges are properly authorized, documented, and an appropriate use of UMB Funds.
  • Ensure the charges posted to the Operational Unit’s project(s) are correct.

 Department of Financial Services-Student Accounting

  • Issue student bills and post payments to student accounts timely.
  • Bill third parties according to the terms of Third Party Tuition Contracts.
  • Execute UMB Installment Plan Agreements with students and retain original documents.


Financial Aid - Loans, grants, and scholarships administered by the Department of Student Financial Assistance and Education.

Form 1098-T - An IRS form generated by UMB to report to the IRS student information, tuition, fees, scholarships, and grants.

Internal Payments - Payment of part of a student’s semester charges by a non-Financial Aid project (e.g. training grants or discretionary funds).

Person with Fiscal Authority - The person who has been designated as having responsibility for the financial administration of one or more projects within a department or division. This person accepts responsibility for authorizing the fiscal activity that appears within the financial accounting records for the projects under the person’s responsibility.

Third Party Tuition Contract - An approved contract or form issued by a third party, generally a student’s employer, to prove to UMB the third party’s obligation to pay all or part of a student’s tuition.

Tuition Remission - University employee or graduate assistant benefit payment of tuition.

UMB Funds - All funds administered by UMB, regardless of fund source.  UMB Funds include State appropriated general funds, tuition, fees, and other income, as well as auxiliary funds, revolving/discretionary funds, Designated Research Initiative Funds, gifts, contract or grant revenues, and other restricted funds.

Related Guidance:


  • Section 15-120, Education Art., Ann. Code of Md.


UMB Internal Payment DocuSign Forms

To access the form, use the following link CITS Services Authenticated UMB Form Links

Once you have logged in via UMB SSO, navigate to Office of the Controller > Student Financial Services Forms > Select the UMB SFS Internal Payments by Revolving or Discretionary Funds (to pay via General Ledger SOAPF) or UMB SFS Internal Payments by Grant Funds (to pay via a Sponsored Project in PPM).

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