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UMB Policy on Payment of Tuition and Fees

Financial Affairs   |   Approved August 8, 2017

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Revision History

Revised August 8, 2017.


  1. To comply with USM Policy and State of Maryland regulations.
  2. To establish requirements and responsibilities related to the payment and processing of tuition and fees.

Policy Statement

  1. Tuition and fees must be approved by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents (BOR) or designee under System policies.   All tuition and fees approved by the BOR or designee are billed by the Department of Financial Services-Student Accounting (FS-SA).  Operational Units (schools, departments, divisions) are prohibited from directly charging tuition or fees to students for courses offered for academic credit. 
  2. Tuition and feesare due and payable in full on or before the semester bill due date, except under the following circumstances:
    1. The student has made timely application for Financial Aid and an award has been offered to the student by UMB.  If the Financial Aid award is not sufficient for the total amount of the bill, the student is responsible for paying the difference on or before the due date.
    2. The student is due to receive a student loan, but the funds have not yet been disbursed by the lender.  The student loan must be recorded in the student’s Financial Aid records in the student accounting system and will appear on the student’s bill as pending aid.
    3. The student has submitted a Third Party Tuition Contract acceptable to UMB.  A Third Party Tuition Contract is an approved contract or form issued to a student by a third party, typically the student’s employer, authorizing UMB to bill all or part of  student’s charges directly to the third party.  The Third Party Tuition Contract must require payment by the third party based on a student’s registration; payment may not be conditioned on matriculation or program completion.   Payment by the third party is due upon receipt of the UMB invoice. The student is responsible for any amounts not covered by the Third Party Tuition Contract and any amount not actually received by UMB upon billing for the employer’s payment.  If the third party does not pay UMB within 30 days after the third billing, the student will be billed and is responsible for immediate payment.
    4. The student has completed a UMB installment plan contract approved by FS-SA for the semester covered by the bill. 
  3. If the total amount of Financial Aid, loans, and other assistance is not sufficient to pay the entire amount due, the student must pay the difference by the due date.
  4. Outstanding balances are subject to late fees as described in Financial Services Standard Operating Procedure – Paying and Processing Tuition and Fees.
  5. Transcripts and diplomas may not be issued to any student who has a past due account balance.
  6. In accordance with the State law (Section 15-120, Education Art., Ann. Code of Md.), a student with an unpaid balance of more than $250 who is eligible to register (e.g. satisfies academic requirements) will be allowed to register for courses after the student enters into a UMB Account Financial Payment Agreement.  Under the UMB Account Financial Payment Agreement the student will be required to make payments to settle the unpaid balance on the student account within 30 days from the date of the Agreement.
  7. At the discretion of the Dean or designee of a student’s school at UMB, a student with an outstanding balance:
    1. May be barred from attending class
    2. May not receive grades for courses taken
    3. May be subject to further actions deemed reasonable by the Dean or designee
  8. Delinquent student accounts will be transferred to the State of Maryland Central Collection Unit (CCU) as required by State regulations. CCU adds a fee to the outstanding balance of the account. 


Applies to:

UMB Employees and Students

Authorized Affiliate Employees who manage UMB funds


Authorized Affiliate Employee - Person employed by an entity that has a relationship with UMB authorized by the Board of Regents or by law, e.g., faculty practice plan organizations, University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation (UMBF) and other affiliated foundations, recognized incorporated alumni associations, recognized affiliated business entities, University of Maryland Medical System/University of Maryland Medical Center, and other University System of Maryland institutions.  An Authorized Affiliate Employee is responsible for the administration and reporting of UMB resources.

Financial Aid - Loans, grants, and scholarships administered by UMB.

UMB Funds- All funds administered by UMB, regardless of fund source.  UMB funds include State appropriated general funds, tuition, fees, and other income, as well as auxiliary funds, revolving/discretionary funds, Designated Research Initiative Funds, gifts, contract or grant revenues, and other restricted funds.

Scope and Exceptions


This Policy applies to all tuition and fees administered by UMB. 

Exceptions/Request Process

Exceptions to this Policy must be approved in writing by the CBFO.   Requests may be submitted to the University Controller using the Policy or Procedure Exception Form available on the Financial Services website.  Requests must be signed by the Dean/Vice President or the Dean’s/Vice President’s designee (e.g., Associate Dean/AVP). 

Roles and Responsibilities

Financial Services is responsible for establishing procedures to promote compliance with this Policy.

Employees and students who do not comply with this Policy and related procedure may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal action.

An Authorized Affiliate Employee who does not follow this Policy and related procedures is subject to disciplinary action, including termination of the privilege of being an Authorized Affiliate Employee and the termination of UMB fiscal authority.


See UMB Financial Services Procedure – Paying and Processing Tuition and Fees

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