About the Office

The Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP) is responsible for ensuring university-wide policies and procedures are developed in an efficient, consistent and transparent manner.

UPP facilitates and supports policy development, review, approval, and communication by providing templates, routing, storage, and monitoring of internal and external requirements for new policies or changes to the existing policy. While the office does not write or enforce policy, it provides oversight, guidance and best practices on University policy and procedure projects.

UPP also maintains the Policy and Procedures Library, UMB’s official repository for university-wide policies and procedures.

Key Contacts

Alison Watkins, PhD, JD, MS

Assistant Vice President for the Office of Policy & Procedures

Phone: 410-706-1266

Email: athom001@umaryland.edu

Angel Jenkins-Jones, MBA

Program Manager

Phone: 410-706-6951

Email: angel.jenkinsjones@umaryland.edu