Quick Links

The quick links content type is a two-column layout. A column for general content is on the left and a column for quick links is on the right. To format this content properly, you must insert a bulleted (unordered) list into the quick links list field. We recommend a maximum of five quick links per page. Use the quick links option to offer your users quick access to the pages they visit most.


This space is for general content. You may place any content in this space.
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The name of the piece of content. This name is for internal use only and will not be visible on the page.


General Content Title
The title for the general content column.


Main Body
The content that will reside next to your quick links.


Quick Links Title
The label for your quick links box.


Quick Links List
Your bulleted (unordered) list of links.

  1. Type your link labels
  2. Click the bulleted list button in the WYSYWIG
  3. Make each of your list items a link