Prepare Your Content

Review Your Content

When it comes to your website, content is what engages and informs your audiences – it’s what keeps them coming back and gets them to take action.

We’ve prepared guidelines, tips, and resources to help you craft the right content for your site.

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What content do you have? What content do you need to create? How will you organize it? 

  1. Review your goals and audience(s)
  2. Decide what content to should be included in your site
  3. Create an outline for your site's structure - how will you organize your information?
  4. Build your site structure in T4
  5. Add content
  6. Select the appropriate Content Type for each section of information on each page – each page in your new site may use several different Content Types
  7. Make sure the content you include meets your site’s overall goals and that you are providing your audiences with information they need

Creating New Content

What content do you need? How does it meet your goals? Does it provide your audiences with information they need and want?

Write new content following OCPA’s guidelines