Getting Started with the CMS

Video: Learn T4 Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of working in T4, the CMS (content management system) that is used to edit most UMB websites.

Adding content to TerminalFour (T4) can be as simple as copying a piece of content from one location and pasting it into a content type in T4.

Make sure you have a plan for your website and have decided on the most appropriate content types that you would want to use based on your audiences and your site goals. When you are ready, navigate to the destination section in the Site Structure where your content should be placed. With two browser windows side-by-side, create new content types for each piece of the source content in the destination section and copy and paste your content piece by piece.

Alternately, you are welcome to compose in T4.


Some content types incorporate a text editor that allows you to format your content. Refer to the text editor techniques and guidelines and editor buttons and check out our type hierarchy demonstration to learn the different options the editor provides for you. Keep in mind that depending on your permissions, you may not see everything that is in this screenshot.

WYSYWYG Screenshot

Save & Approve

Once you are done with a section, please go to the bottom right-hand corner and click the arrow and then click "Save & Approve" and move on to the next section. You can preview your sections individually by clicking on the "Preview" option at the top right-hand corner. To preview the sections you will need to be logged in to T4 Site Manager.

Update and approve screenshot


When you are happy with your site, you can then publish your sections to the live server by selecting your top section in the Site Structure and hitting "Publish Branch." You can do this by going back to your branch and pressing the blue button called "Actions" and then going to "Publish Branch", it will then go into a queue and publish when it's ready.

Publish Branch Screenshot