Use Your Goals and Audiences to Pick Content Types

You’ve identified your audiences and defined your site goals – now what? It’s time to pick your content types.

What’s a content type?

Your site should contain different kinds of content – text, photo galleries, videos, Social Media, etc. When you are adding content to your site in T4, you will use specific content types to add specific kinds of content.

  • For video, you’ll use “Embedded Video”
  • For text, you can use a variety of content types, such as general, thumbnail, three-column, or expandable


If your goal is to increase attendance at your department’s events and your audiences are students, faculty, and staff, there are several content types you can use to engage these groups and get them to turn up for your events.

Content Type Suggestions

  1. Video – use “Embedded Video” to post a video to show your audiences how fun, interesting, informative, educational, and worthwhile your events are.
  2. Images – use “Tiled Gallery” or "Slideshow" for pictures - give them a sense of what to expect and get them excited about attending.
  3. Incentive – use "Announcement" to provide an incentive - tickets, coupons, prizes - for your audiences to attend your event.