Criteria and Guidelines

The Common Calendar is a Universitywide events calendar shared by all school and administrative offices.

The following criteria and guidelines outline when and how events are published to the Common Calendar. If your event does not meet these criteria, we recommend you add that event to your Internal Calendar instead.


Events should be open to a Universitywide audience

  • Universitywide audience groups are: students, faculty, staff, and the community. If your event is open to a Universitywide audience, you must clearly state that in your event language.

Events can be student-only, faculty-only, or staff-only, as long as they are Universitywide

  • For example, events on the Common Calendar cannot be open only to pharmacy students, medicine faculty, or staff at the dental school
  • Events that are audience- and school-specific are considered “internal events” and should be reserved for Internal Calendars

Note: If you are affiliated with one of the UMB schools, please have your internal communications office post your Common Calendar event.

Please do not add events outside of your direct purview to the Common Calendar, in order to avoid having multiple duplicates of the same event. If you wish to include an existing event outside of your direct purview in one of your web page's event feeds, please either modify the feed to include that event's subcategory (a single feed can include multiple subcategories from different schools and/or administrative units), or reach out to the CPA web team about changing it to an interdisciplinary event (a single event that falls under multiple schools or admin units).

  • Complete all required fields
  • Follow editorial guidelines
  • Do not go over character limits