Adding Calendar Events

Adding an event to the Common Calendar is as simple as adding a content type to a page. Each event in the Common Calendar is an instance of the Calendar Event content type.

‌First locate your events section. If you are adding events to the Common Calendar, this folder can be found at Common Calendar > Events > Your section. To add events to your Internal Calendar instead, navigate to Common Calendar > Your Internal Calendar Section > Events. You also may add events to subsections below your section.

Add the Calendar Event content type to your section. This will be the only content type enabled in that section. You might have a customized version of the Calendar Event content type, such as the School of Nursing's Calendar Event SON.

Fill out event information as described below and click Add. Once your event has been approved and published, it will appear on the Common Calendar.


  • Complete all required fields
  • Follow editorial and visual style guides
  • Do not go over character limits

Components of Calendar Event

The name of the piece of content. This name is for internal use only and will not be visible on the page.

Select one or more categories for this event. In many cases, you will not see this option because your category is determined automatically.

Select subcategories for this event. You may choose zero, one, or multiple subcategories. A web developer in your department or school should be able to edit the list of subcategories available to you.

The title of the event.

Start Date
Select the event's start date and time. Note that T4's date/time picker uses a 24-hour clock. Select 00:00 for midnight, 06:00 for 6 a.m., 12:00 for noon, 18:00 for 6 p.m., etc.

End Date
Select the event's end date and time. In most cases, you should choose the same date as the Start Date, but a later time.

Recurs Every
Select if/when this event repeats. Your options include never, every day, every week, every month, and more. If you choose ad hoc, you must also select Ad Hoc recurrence dates below.

Recurrence Ends
Select the date this event stops repeating. Ignore if you use ad hoc recurrence or no recurrence.

Brief Description
Enter a short description for this event. This will appear on event lists.

Enter full event information. This can include type styles, links, images, etc.

Enter the event's location.

Enter the name of the event organizer.

Organizer Email
Enter the event organizer's email address.

Ad Hoc Recurrence 1
Ad Hoc Recurrence 2
Ad Hoc Recurrence 3

Select up to three more start dates for this event. Ignore this unless you have chosen ad hoc recurrence above. These fields are for dates only, not times.

If you have code to embed below the event description, such as a Wufoo form code, paste it here.