A blog consists of two different content types. Add the Blog content type to a page to create a new blog. To add entries to the blog, add instances of the Blog Entry content type to the same page. Each instance of the Blog Entry content type adds another entry to the blog.

There can be only one Blog on a page, but a practically limitless number of Blog Entries.

Image Guidelines

  • Images should be at least 680 pixels wide and 340 pixels tall. This will ensure that your images are high resolution. If the page has no left column, images must be 1025 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall.
  • Please select images that are visually compelling and add value to the information on your page. No clip art!
  • You may only use images that are legally sourced. For example, you are not allowed to select images from a google search and add them to the UMB website. Please abide by copyright laws.
  • Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines for image accessibility.



Blog Components

The name of the piece of content. This name is for internal use only and will not be visible on the page.

Blog title
The title of this blog

Brief description of the blog
Briefly describe the nature of this blog.

Full URL of blog homepage
Enter the full URL of the homepage of this blog. This may be the address of the current page, or you may, for example, have a single landing page for the blog, with separate sub-pages with each month's edition of the blog.

Link to publication homepage
If the blog has a separate landing page, please select it here.

Link to search results page
Search results require additional configuration.
If you wish to use this feature, please submit a work request asking the CPA web team to help set this up.

Search bar placeholder text
Mandatory if the search bar feature is activated
For example, "Search this blog"

Include RSS feed?
Generates an RSS feed of all blog entries, which viewers can subscribe to

Remove utility bar?
If you plan not to use the link to the publication homepage, search bar or RSS features (above), check this box to entirely remove the utility area.

Use simple layout?
There are two formats available, which we have termed "simple" and "dynamic." The dynamic layout is used by default, but you can check this checkbox to select the simple layout instead.

Blog Entry Components

The title of the article

The subtitle of the article, if applicable

The author's name

The publication date of the article

Each blog entry must include an associated image. Please refer to the image guidelines above.

Image Alt Text
Briefly describe the contents of the image. Read more about writing good alt text.

An excerpt or quote you wish to draw attention to

A brief introduction or summary of the article

Introductory Sentence
The first, introductory sentence of the article

Main content
The main text of the blog post