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April 27, 2022  |  University of Maryland, Baltimore & Maryland First Lady to Bring West Baltimore Neighbors Together with First Spring Festival Since COVID-19 Pandemic.

March 2, 2022  |  Pop-up event provides food supplies and spreads awareness about the UMB Student Pantry.

February 18, 2022  |  In UMB Black History Month Celebration keynote, Lawrence Brown says Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is unfulfilled, advocates a plan of action akin to the Freedom Budget to fight institutional racism.

February 11, 2022  |  University of Maryland, Baltimore police and Baltimore youth from the Healing Youth Alliance learn from and help each other mend wounds, deliver care.

February 11, 2022  |  The Eviction Prevention Project has logged over 4,500 hours of community outreach since September 2021.

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