Work With Us

The Community Engagement Center marshals UMB’s people, resources, and scholarship to help improve the lives of its West Baltimore neighbors. We partner with our neighbors to sustain and accelerate progress toward meeting community goals.

Community partners can use the CEC space to make programs more accessible to West Baltimore residents. Community members can work with the CEC staff to connect with UMB staff, faculty, or students who can help strengthen existing programs or address unmet needs. Partners also can work with UMB faculty to access or generate knowledge to solve community problems — or highlight community strengths.

I’m with the University. How do I get community members to come to my CEC event?  

The most effective way to get community participants to your event is to partner with a community organization. Make sure the event/program meets a specific, identified community need and design it with your partner to ensure it has the greatest chance for success. For example, choosing an ideal date and start time are integral to your event’s success. Work with your community partner to invite people to your event.

What if I don’t have a community partner?  

University faculty, staff, and students can work with the Center for Community-Based Engagement and Learning (CBEL) to find community organizations that might want to partner with UMB.

I’m a community member. How do I get a University contact for my organization?  

Many University faculty, staff, and students are interested in working with community members. Contact the Office for Community Engagement to help find an appropriate match. Note: It is much easier to find a University contact if your organization’s interest is in line with our School of Graduate Studies or one of our six professional schools (dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work). The University’s interest areas include individual and public health, justice, policy, social work, biomedical research, and community development.


The CEC offers a wide range of programs and resources. Many programs are developed and managed by UMB faculty, staff, or students. Other programs are managed by community or government organizations that use the CEC to make the resources more accessible to West Baltimore residents. All programs provide opportunities for neighbors of UMB to have greater health, wealth, knowledge, and fun.