Community Engagement Sponsorship Requests

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) leverages the intellectual, economic, and human resources of the University of Maryland, Baltimore to improve the quality of life in West Baltimore and beyond. 

“Community engagement” at UMB refers to a wide spectrum of activities ranging from direct service to institutional policy change to community organization. The team’s work focuses on three issue areas: (1) public health and wellness, (2) education and workforce development, and (3) economic and community development. 

OCE also supports local communities by donating resources to support community-led programs and projects. The office’s guidelines for support of community organizations provide an opportunity for OCE to back efforts on behalf of the local community and reinforce relationships with neighbors, community leaders, other non-profit organizations, and government officials.

Primary Goals

The primary goals of our sponsorship program are to:

  • Support organizations that align with our mission and work on issues important to West Baltimore communities.
  • Support locally based nonprofit organizations and community groups that rely on community contributions and volunteers.
  • Sponsor events and enhance the awareness of UMB resources available to the community.
  • Support West Baltimore neighborhoods in becoming Maryland’s top performing communities in health and wellness indicators such as life expectancy, physical fitness, affordability, diversity, and safety.



Our sponsorships and donations support projects or programs that align with the office’s mission and goals. These types of initiatives focus on health promotion, education, civic engagement, economic opportunity, youth development, public safety, and other community-identified issues. Special consideration will be given to requests that can complement the work of community partners.


Types of requests suitable for funding:

  • Sponsorships and events such as festivals, galas, block parties, holiday celebrations, etc.
  • Resource drives for items such as toys, food, clothing, school supplies, etc.
  • Support for a specific issue in alignment with OCE’s mission and goals such as organizing to identify slum lords, increase voter registration, or beautify neighborhood streets



Specific criteria for sponsorships, in-kind donation requests and community outreach support:

  • The organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or be fiscally sponsored by one.
  • The organization’s application should have a letter of support from the community.
  • The organization must have goals consistent with the mission of OCE.
  • The organization must be based in the Partnership with West Baltimore Area (see map), or submit a signed letter of support from each West Baltimore neighborhood association within the area of the sponsored project.
  • The organization must not have received a sponsorship from UMB within the last 12 months.


If an organization and/or request for sponsorship and/or community outreach support meet these initial criteria, additional considerations may include:

  • Track record of past projects
  • Evidence of alignment with current community priorities
  • Evidence of alignment with OCE’s primary goals
  • Evidence of project feasibility
  • Cost

Multi-year pledges will not be considered, and OCE is unable to sponsor individuals, partisan political activity, or for-profit organizations.

Process for Requesting Support 

All requests for sponsorship or donation should be submitted electronically using the Donation/Support Form at least eight weeks prior to the date of funds needed. If technology assistance is needed, this form can be completed at the Community Engagement Center at 16 S. Poppleton Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. All requests are evaluated on a timely basis. Support often is requested in exchange for public recognition, such as ads in programs and other publications or sponsorship for athletic teams or clubs. Requests for sponsorship/advertising will be considered in light of how the requesting organization's goals and values fit with those of OCE, the value of the sponsorship/advertising, other area businesses participating with the organization, and extent of visibility of the event.

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