Local Hiring

Through collaborations with on-campus and off-campus organizations, the UMB Office of Community Engagement supports three types of initiatives to support the residents of West Baltimore in finding sustainable employment.

Workforce Wednesdays

Through a collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Employment Development (MOED) and the Southwest Partnership, the UMB Office of Community Engagement runs a weekly, career-focused open house at the Community Engagement Center. Staff from MOED, UMB's Human Resources staffing office, and our office work with community members on a walk-in basis from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. each Wednesday. Individuals can get assistance with online job searches, résumé review, interview skills, and more. To date, we have had more than 300 visits to Workforce Wednesday.

Southwest Partnership Anchor Institution Community Referral Program

The Southwest Partnership's Workforce Roundtable runs a community referral program where qualified residents who apply for jobs at Southwest Partnership anchor institutions can get preferred treatment. To date, the anchor institutions participating are UMB and the University of Maryland Medical Center. Residents of the following ZIP codes are eligible: 21201, 21215, 21216, 21217, 21223, 21229 (Baltimore City only), and 21230.

UMB Workforce Initiatives Information

We host information sessions for community members who are interested in positions at UMB and the University of Maryland Medical Center. In the sessions, Human Resource Services staff members and hiring managers explain the application process and job descriptions. Participants get to hear from decision-makers about how they make hiring choices and what they are looking for in potential hires. Attendees have found these events very helpful for their job search. We also have held information sessions about FREE training programs that are available for a wide variety of careers, including information technology, community health administrative support, and green/sustainable technology.