Community Engagement Center

The Community Engagement Center gives West Baltimore residents a place to access services promoting neighborhood and economic development. The center brings the University and community together to solve complex and persistent problems that diminish residents’ quality of life.

Upcoming Events

2:30 PM | Community Engagement Center | 870 W. Baltimore St. Buy a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables for just $7.
5:45 PM | UMB Community Engagement Center Join us for a FREE Yoga class.
6:00 PM | Community Engagement Center | 870 W. Baltimore St. Join us for a FREE Line Dancing Class.

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Our Programs

Find out about UMB's existing programs, opportunities to recruit and work with on-campus talent, and how community organizations partner with UMB to create community impact.

Get Involved

Getting involved with the Community Engagement Center is easy. You can attend a program or event or donate resources. You also can sign up for our weekly mailing list.