Reserving the Center

The CEC is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekend and evening hours can be arranged in advance.

Priority is generally given to events and programs that are initiated by the community, though space requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

Priority Events
  • Community-initiated events that are free of charge and open to the public

  • UMB-initiated events with a community benefit that are free of charge and open to the public

  • Community-initiated events that have a fee and are open to the public

  • UMB-initiated events that have a fee and are open to the public

  • Private events

To reserve space, email
or contact Kelly Quinn at

How much does it cost?

Use of the center is free unless you charge a fee for your event or program. If you charge community members to participate in your program, we ask you to make a donation to the center to fund free programming.

Donation Schedule
Business Hours $10 $35 $75
Evenings and Weekends $15 $45 $100


Business Hours $50 $125 $200
Evenings and Weekends $65 $165 $260

What are the CEC’s limitations?

The CEC space uses an open floor plan and has open computer lab hours during the week. This means groups may hear each other and participants will have to move through your space to get to other parts of the CEC. Most CEC users are professional and respectful; however, if your event or program needs complete quiet and confidentiality, the CEC is not a good fit for you.

I'm hosting an event at the center. What am I responsible for?

The CEC staff will arrange the space to your specifications given the equipment available at the center. If your event requires outside equipment (extra tables, chairs, arches, bulletin boards, etc.), your organization will be responsible for all setup. Your organization is responsible for cleanup.

What amenities and equipment does the CEC have?

  • A large multipurpose space with six tables and 30 chairs available, all of which can be used for classroom, meeting, or exercise.
  • 10-unit computer lab with printer available to community members whenever the CEC is open.
  • Kids’ Corner play area for children whose parents are using the computer lab or participating in CEC programs.
  • A conference room that seats six people. Though it is a private area, CEC guests must walk through to get to the restrooms. If you require privacy, this is not a good fit.
  • Private meeting rooms. Our small private meeting rooms are appropriate for consultations of at most two people at a time.
  • Campus Hub open layout desk and computer space for University faculty, staff, and students who need office space while working at the CEC.
  • Free WiFi is available to anyone who signs in at our CEC reception desk and anyone attending a CEC event.
  • Projector and screen.

Notes: The space is an open plan and is not conducive to programming that requires privacy or quiet. Also, the play area isn't supervised. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children.

Which caterers can I use?

All licensed caterers are acceptable. Check out our list of recommendations.

Getting Here

The CEC is located at the base of the BioPark Garage at 1 N. Poppleton St. Our front door is at 870 W. Baltimore St.


Parking in the BioPark Garage is available to visitors for a fee. The CEC is unable to validate parking for visitors, but there is typically ample street parking available within two blocks of the space. Parking on West Baltimore Street is metered. Parking on West Fayette, Poppleton, and Hollins streets is free.