For Supervisors

Approving Timesheets

  1. Log on to MyUMB 
  2. Please click on "Approve Timesheets." Listed under "Time to Approve."
  3. Under "Approve Timesheets," use the "Fetch" button. It will show you all submitted timesheets for students you supervise.
  4. Use the “Detail” feature to view the student's time reported. Make sure the student worked the hours listed. The hours can't be more than 10 per day or 20 per week.  
  5. Review all student's Timesheets with the status “Submitted”. 
  6. To approve, close the detail page and then, if accurate, check the box under “Approve” and then "Save".
  7. If you need to return the timesheet to the student without approving it, check the box under “Recycle.” Then, Save it. This sends the timesheet back to the student to fix. Go through the approve steps again after it has been corrected by the student.

Printable Guide For Approving Timesheets