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Our goal is to help UMB students find the funds they need for their education. We believe all students should make a budget and think carefully before borrowing money. UMB financial aid programs are designed for students with academic potential and limited financial resources who need support to complete their education. About 80% of UMB students get help from our office. Each year, around $194 million in financial aid is given to eligible students from various sources like grants, scholarships, and loans. Aid is based on financial need, determined by FAFSA data and the cost of attendance. To get priority for institutional aid, complete your FAFSA by February 28 using school code 002104. Note: Awards may change due to funding, enrollment, or cost changes.

Please contact the office of Student Financial Assistance via email at or you can email your counselor directly by clicking on their name below.

University Student Financial Assistance Staff

Prospective and current students in the School of Medicine MD program should contact the School of Medicine's dedicated team for financial aid information:


Peggy Buerhaus

Senior Financial Aid Counselor

School of Social Work

Ashlee Davis

Senior Financial Aid Counselor

School of Dentistry - DDS
Dental Post Grad
Dental Hygiene

Laura Evans

Associate Director, Student Financial Assistance

Carey School of Law

Joseph Kasuyi

Financial Aid Counselor

Graduate School

Richard Legendre

Senior Financial Aid Counselor

School of Nursing

Amity Petterson

Senior Financial Aid Counselor

School of Pharmacy - Pharm D

School of Pharmacy MS Programs:
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Regulatory Science
Palliative Care
Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics (MCST)

Please email aidtalk
for these respective programs

School of Medicine - MD/PhD
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Master of Public Health Program
Genetic Counseling

Monica Williams

Director, Student Employment

Federal Work Study (FWS)
Student Employment

Private/Alternative Loans