Work Study

The federal government funds Federal Work-Study Employment. It gives eligible students the chance to work on or off campus and earn money. This money is an alternative to taking on loan debt. They do this instead of taking on loan debt.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week and are paid biweekly based on reported and approved hours. Federal Work-Study funds do not need to be repaid.

How Work Study Works

Each student's situation is unique. Not all can get FWS funds. Not all students submit paperwork at the same time. As a result, only awarded students can get paid. Students must submit the needed employment paperwork accurately in order to be considered. This payment would not be issued as a lump sum payment, nor is the full amount of the FWS award guaranteed. 

To receive Federal Work-study funds:

  1. Students must have a current, valid FAFSA on file. 

  2. Accept their award in SURFS.
    If a FWS award is not visible in their SURFS account, students can request it through a *INSERT FORM HERE*. 

  3. They must be hired by an approved job site.

  4. Submit required documents

  5. Receive an approval email from the Office of Student Employment.
    This email will confirm your start date and pay rate. 

Requesting an Adjustment of Federal Work Study Funds

If you think you will not work or earn your full Federal Work-Study award, you can ask for less Federal Work-Study funds. You can get more federal loans (if applicable). Students can request a change to their Federal Work-Study award by emailing They should CC their financial aid counselor. The Office of Student Employment will review the request. They will then say how it affects your remaining FWS funds and eligibility to keep working.


Work Study Jobs

2024-2025 Federal Work Study jobs will be posted soon.

For Students

Learn about the necessary documents for new hires and returning students need to complete to participate in the Federal Work Study program. Also learn about how to  fill-out your timesheet, W-2 information, and instructions for signing documents in Adobe.

For Supervisors

Find forms and learn how to approve timesheets.