Financial Aid Process

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Applying Aid Process

From the necessity of filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually to eligibility criteria, deadlines, filing options, and required documentation, this page serves as a comprehensive resource to ensure students navigate the financial aspect of higher education effectively.

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Determining Need

Discovering your financial need and eligibility for aid funds involves a two-step process: establishing student budgets and calculating Expected Family Contributions (EFCs) based on FAFSA data.

Accepting Aid
Accepting Aid

After logging into SURFS, students can conveniently review, accept/decline awards, and check for outstanding requirements, ensuring a smooth financial aid process. Regularly monitoring their SURFS account is vital to address any additional requirements or adjustments to their aid package promptly and avoid potential delays.


Special Circumstances

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Student Eligibility 

Discover UMB's Institutional Policy and Appeals process, crucial for maintaining satisfactory academic progress and eligibility for financial aid, including for international students. From minimum GPA requirements to the appeal process for extenuating circumstances, this section provides vital information to navigate your financial aid journey effectively and ensure compliance with federal regulations.


The University Student Financial Assistance office disburses loans, aid, and Maryland scholarships to student accounts approximately ten days before classes begin. To receive aid, students must complete the required steps. Work-study payments are made biweekly. Disbursements to student accounts occur nightly after the term begins.

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Financial Aid Calendar

Stay informed about critical financial aid dates and details at UMB with our Important Information page. Bookmark this resource to ensure you're up-to-date on submission deadlines, awarding timelines, and program-specific disbursement schedules.

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Summer Aid

Discover key details for securing financial aid for summer enrollment at UMB on our Summer Aid page, covering eligibility requirements, available aid types, and the processing timeline. Whether you're considering loans, Federal Work Study, or other forms of aid, this resource provides essential information and deadlines to navigate your summer financial needs effectively.