Timesheets and W-2

Discover how to access important payroll information and manage your timesheets efficiently.

How to Access to Paystubs and W-2 Information for the First Time:

    1. Log into UMB’s student portal.

    2. Visit the Central Payroll Bureau Service Center (CPB). 

    3. Email FWS@umaryland.edu to request your last paycheck number and agency code. 
    4. Create your log in. 


Use electronic timesheets via MyUMB Portal to record worked hours. Student employees must not exceed reporting 10 hours per day or exceed 20 hours per week. 

Submitting a Timesheet

  1. Log in to MyUMB Portal
  2. Click on the widget for Non-Exempt Timesheet
  3. Click Add a New Value
  4. Enter the end date for the pay period (The current pay period end date will auto populate
  5. Click Add
  6. For each day you worked, enter total hours.
  7. Click “Submit” when complete

Timesheet History

Your timesheet history will show you what timesheets were submitted by you. 

How to see your Timesheet History: 

  1. Click on the “My UMB Employee Self Service” tab
  2. Click on “My Non-Exempt Timesheet”
  3. Click on the drop-down menu “UMB Self-Service”
  4. Select the “My Timesheet History” 
  5. Enter your Employee Record, “Empl Record”
    1. If you have one job enter “0” if you have one position. If you have multiple jobs on campus, please enter the appropriate record, either “0” or “1”. 
    2. If either doesn't work, use the magnify glass to locate your employee record by name. 

Understanding your Timesheet History

  •  Loaded - Loaded - means that you submitted your timesheet, it has been approved at all timesheet approver levels, and is being processed or has been processed for a past pay period.
  • Not Loaded- SPRV-Aprvd - means that you submitted your timesheet, your supervisor approved it, and it is now awaiting my final approval. 
  • Not Loaded- Not Submtd- means that you have opened and created your timesheet but have not submitted.
  • Not Loaded- Recycled- means that your timesheet was recycled back to you by your supervisor or the final timesheet approver. If you do not see the pay period end date for the pay period in question, that means you did not submit a timesheet (contingent on the effective start date).