Cory Stephens & Cheryl Fisher

Harnessing Generative AI and Faculty AI Champions to Innovate Health Professions Education

In the rapidly evolving landscape of health profession education, the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense potential to enhance learning experiences and prepare future healthcare professionals for the dynamic challenges they will face. This presentation will explore the intersection of generative AI and nursing and health profession education, emphasizing the role of faculty in facilitating the adoption of AI in higher education, paving the way for a pipeline of Faculty AI Champions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how generative AI can be leveraged in nursing and health profession education to simulate realistic scenarios, personalize learning experiences, and augment traditional teaching methods.
  • Faculty AI Champions Framework: Attendees will learn about the concept of Faculty AI Champions and the pivotal role they play in championing the integration of generative AI within educational institutions. The session will provide insights into strategies for identifying, training, and empowering faculty members to lead transformative changes in curriculum design and delivery.
  • Best Practices and Case Studies: The presentation will showcase best practices and real-world case studies where generative AI has been successfully integrated into health profession education. Attendees will gain insights into overcoming challenges and maximizing the benefits of incorporating AI technologies in their own educational settings.


  • Live Demonstrations: Showcase live demonstrations of generative AI applications in health profession education, allowing participants to witness firsthand the capabilities and potential impact on learning outcomes.
  • Real-time Polling: Gauge the audience’s awareness of generative AI and related concepts through real-time polling.
  • Q&A and Networking Opportunities: Allocate time for a robust Q&A session, enabling participants to seek clarification, share experiences, and connect with peers who are exploring or have implemented generative AI in their respective institutions.

This 50-minute session aims to inspire educators, administrators, and technology enthusiasts alike, fostering a collaborative environment to navigate the transformative landscape of technology in graduate and professional health education.