Alexis Guethler, Catherine Hanssens-Passeri & Rodney Urand

Attendees will be able to: 

  1. Articulate pedagogical strategies for encouraging active engaged learning in synchronous class sessions. 
  2. Collaboratively generate a list of synchronous activities that can be implemented across the different synchronous platforms used at UMB.  
  3. Experience, Engageli, a new platform for synchronous online education used by the school of social work.   

 Dive into the dynamic world of synchronous online learning in this interactive session. After a brief discussion about the essentials of synchronous learning, participants will experience Engageli, an innovative platform used in the SSW Online Masters of Social Work program. Participants will practice using its interactive whiteboard, brainstorming ideas for engaging students in synchronous online courses. 

Dive into the dynamic world of synchronous online learning in our interactive 50-minute session. Bring your laptop and be ready to engage! We kick off with a succinct discussion on the essentials of synchronous learning. Learn why it's crucial to move beyond traditional face-to-face methods and how to fully utilize the distinct advantages of online environments to benefit your students. Next, we plunge into the practical side. You'll get to experience Engageli, an innovative platform revolutionizing synchronous online education at the School of Social Work. Even though we're together in the same room, we'll dive into Engageli to replicate the authentic feel of an online class. This hands-on segment is where the magic happens. Using the platform's interactive whiteboard feature, we'll collaboratively brainstorm and curate a robust list of engaging activities suitable for any synchronous learning platform. This exercise isn't just theoretical; it's a make-and-take session providing you with tangible, creative ideas to enhance your own online synchronous classes. We are hoping to learn from your ideas while we share those we have generated while designing our new online Master of Social Work program. Our session is designed for educators eager to explore, experiment, and exchange ideas. Join us, bring your laptop, and be part of this exciting educational adventure!