Breakout Sessions

Isabel Rambob

Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment 

Amy Ramirez & Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán

Centering Equity in Global Learning Design 

Karen Gordes, Erin Hagar, Violet Kulo & Mary Jo Bondy

Fostering Inclusion through Trauma Informed Pedagogy 

Heather Moore & Deborah Levi

Unlocking Student Success: Keys to Making Education Accessible for Today's Student 

Isabell May

How to Support Our Student's Writing Process through Antiracist and Equity-Driven Assessment and Teaching of Writing 

Fotini Anagnostopoulos-King & Kate Noonan

Inclusive Socialization in Professional Identity Formation 

Jenny Owens & Shani Fleming

Lessons Learned from Lumen Circle Fellowship: Cultivating an Environment of Belonging