Fotini Anagnostopoulos-King & Kate Noonan

Inclusive Socialization in Professional Identity Formation

Additional research is needed to develop a generally accepted Dental Professionalism Behaviors Assessment Tool to thoroughly describe faculty and learner expectations in an inclusive clinical and educational environment. It is well established that classroom- and clinic-based strategies contribute to students’ sense of belonging, mattering, and feeling included. Furthermore, students’ Professional Identity Formation, is shaped by the interaction of their own personal identities with peers, patients, inter-professional staff, and mentors through an inclusive socialization process.   The longitudinal project will incorporate Professional Identity Formation into several domains, such as:

  • Educational – incorporate intentional learning modules within the first- and third-year dental student professionalism courses covering topics such as global engagement, ethics, wellbeing, cultural sensitivity, social justice, and leadership
  • Clinical – refine the existing Global Practice Assessment and facilitate inclusive training in the clinical setting
  • Faculty Development – perform a scoping review of faculty role modeling/mentoring and peer engagement in the oral health community of practice. The overall intent of the project is to define and further develop students’ sense of belonging and professional identity formation through socialization within a broader range of identities, values, beliefs, and perspectives.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the process of developing a Dental Professionalism Behaviors Assessment Tool.
  2. Include learners in identifying opportunities to enrich their experiences and promote student success.
  3. Propose a replicable model for the enhancement of Professional Identity Formation and the creation of an inclusive climate.