Jenny Owens & Shani Fleming

Lessons Learned from Lumen Circle Fellowship: Cultivating an Environment of Belonging

By the end of the sessions, attendees will:

  • Explore the Lumen Circle professional development offering of belonging and inclusive teaching fundamentals
  • Discuss key takeaways from the fellowship
  • Reflect on opportunities for intentionally creating a sense of belonging in the classroom

The Lumen Circles Belonging & Inclusive Teaching Fellowship is a faculty development opportunity that aims to foster evidence based inclusive teaching and learning environments. Over the last few years, the Kirwin Center for Academic Innovation has hosted this opportunity and invited USM faculty to apply, and nine faculty members from UMB have completed it including individuals from nursing, social work, dentistry, public health, and the Graduate School. UMB has a total of 23 faculty (18 completers and 5 currently enrolled) in the Lumen Fellowship. During this presentation former fellows will give an overview of the program, share key takeaways from the curriculum, and reflect on opportunities for further creating a sense of belonging in the classroom.

Overview of Lumen: The Lumen Circle-faculty professional development experiences, virtual, community of practice, learner-centered. Several Fellowships were offered, and we participated in belonging and inclusive teaching fundamentals. Virtual sessions, asynchronous, individual facilitation, and coaching Metacognition: Real-time application and reflection on current teaching practices Key Takeaways Feedback models: Appreciative Inquiry Positionality: Permitting to show up authentic Intentionality around creating community in an online environment Challenging to balance time! New respect for online learning. Ability to Pause: Mutual respect, prioritizing other commitments Opportunities within UMB Create a community of practice Share best practices across schools/departments.