Educational Innovation

What We're Working On

The Educational Innovation team is responsible for creating processes to gather faculty input on tools and strategies that enhance pedagogy and facilitating reporting on these tools' effectiveness (i.e., white papers and conference presentations). This team also will be responsible for designing and implementing the Instructional Innovation Seed Grant program.

Instructional Innovation Seed Grant Program


This grant program is intended to provide the opportunity to experiment, test, or implement a teaching innovation that addresses an important instructional concern and improves teaching and student learning with the goal of increasing student success. Note: LEAPS Council and Steering Committee members are not eligible.

The full application guidelines and proposal criteria are found in the “Resources” section below. Email with any questions.

Award Amounts

  • One $7,500 award
  • One $5,000 award
  • Three $2,500 awards

Examples of Fundable Expenses

  • Experimental or unusual instructional equipment or technology
  • Innovative instructional methods and procedures — utilizing emerging technologies
  • Atypical or newly available course materials
  • Conference travel for project team members
  • Purchase of research-related tools or materials (e.g., assessment instruments)
  • Visits to field sites, industrial facilities, or cultural centers that advance teaching and learning
  • Student wages, if the work advances teaching or improves student learning (include wage and hours in budget)
  • Interdisciplinary teaching


  • Nov. 1, 2023: Call for submissions
  • March 1, 2024: Deadline for submissions
  • March 15, 2024: Notify applicants of decision on their grant proposals
  • April 2025: Final report and presentation to the LEAPS Symposium on findings

Our Team

  • Jim Kucher, DPA, MBA, Graduate School (Co-Chair)
  • Tanya Thomas, JD, MLS, Carey School of Law (Co-Chair)
  • Bridgitte Gourley, DNP, FNP-BC, School of Nursing
  • Tamara Hicks, PhD, MSW, School of Social Work
  • Isabell May, PhD, Graduate School
  • Norman Retener, MD, School of Medicine
  • Matt Rietschel, EdD, School of Nursing
  • Scott Riley, PhD, School of Pharmacy
  • Monica Schneider, DDS, School of Dentistry
  • James Stephens, MED, MLIS, Health Sciences and Human Services Library