2020-2021 Recipients

Alison Duffy, PharmD, BCOP (SOP) received an $11,000 seed grant for Interprofessional Collaborative Approach to Prevent and Management of Chemotherapy Toxicities/Oncology Symptom Management/Medication Reconciliation. Paula Rosenblatt, MD (SOM) is a contributing faculty member on the project. The IPE project is designed to bring patients, medical students, and pharmacy students together for mutual benefit. Students will benefit by learning about drug therapy, medication safety, and the psychosocial aspects of cancer. Patients will have enhanced contact with the care team and treatment of chemotherapy side effects. To learn more, contact Dr. Duffy at aduffy@rx.umaryland.edu.

Amy Kruger Howard, PharmD (SOP) received a $15,000 seed grant for Bridging Curriculum Gaps in Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Care. The contributing faculty and staff include Jill A. Morgan, PharmD, BCPS, BCPPS (SOP), Maria Eleni Nikita, MD (SOM), Kimberly Street, LMSW, LPN, CCM (SSW), Lee Westgate, MBA MSW, LCSE-C (SSW), Leigh Goodmark, JD (SOL), and Sara Gold, JD (SOL). The IPE project is designed to improve interprofessional education focusing on the care of transgender and gender diverse pediatric and adolescent patients. This educational program will prepare students and clinicians to: ensure adherence to best practices guidelines for transgender care; improve baseline knowledge of available pharmacologic treatment modalities; and improve interdisciplinary communication. Any University of Maryland Baltimore student, at any point of their curriculum, is eligible to participate. This multimodal 14-hour course includes online webinars, in-person patient panel and case discussions, and simulated patient clinic visits. To learn more, contact Dr. Howard at akhoward@rx.umaryland.edu.