Current Seed Grant Opportunities

Lauren Hynicka, PharmD, BCPS (SOP) and Christopher D’Adamo, PhD (SOM) were awarded $15,000 for Development of an Interprofessional Culinary Health and Medicine Elective. The IPE project will bring together professional students from medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and social work. It will provide comprehensive, evidence-based nutrition instruction followed by hands-on group cooking. The students will then eat what they have cooked together, allowing for the development of a greater appreciation across the disciplines. All culinary health and medicine sessions will include a practical focus on surmounting common barriers to healthy nutrition habit changes to enable better patient care. For instance, students will learn how to help their patients (and themselves) overcome barriers of limited time, financial resources, and taste barriers through strategies such as utilizing slow cookers, cooking in bulk, and replacing added sugar and sodium with flavorful spices and herbs. To round out the experience, students will have an opportunity to bring their nutrition knowledge into the West Baltimore community. Dr. D’Adamo has served as Principal Investigator on numerous published nutrition and cooking interventions in underserved Baltimore communities. This practical, hands on experience offered to the culinary health and medicine course will add to the breadth of patient care. To learn more, contact Dr. Hynicka at