Seed Grant Recipients 2018-2019

Leah Millstein, MD (SOM) and John Cagle, PhD, MSW (SSW) received a $15,000 seed grant for Enhancing Interprofessional Training on Advance Care Planning using Oncology and Palliative Care Champions. Faculty and staff collaborating on this project are: John Cagle, PhD, MSW, Paula Rosenblatt, MD (SOM), Anita Tarzian, PhD, RN (SON), John Allen, MD (SOM), Mel Bellin, PhD, LCSW (SSW), Steven Eveland, MBA, RN, CHPN (UMMC), Mei Ching Lee, PhD, RN, CHPR (SON), and Barbara Perez Marquez, MFA (SOM). The IPE project will enhance knowledge and comfort of medical, social work, and nursing students on the critical topic of advance care planning, while also providing them with firsthand experience of interprofessional collaboration and, specifically, team-based care delivery.  Over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year, students will be educated on various advance care planning topics during training modules administered by faculty from the Schools of Medicine, Social Work, and Nursing. Students will then be randomized to collaborate in an interprofessional clinical encounter dedicated to advance care planning with a standardized patient or a clinical observation of oncology and palliative care practitioners.  The student’s experience will be assessed with a series of surveys, with the expectation that participation will improve the students’ comfort and ability to address advance care planning. To learn more, please contact Dr. Millstein at or Dr. Cagle at


Seed Grant Recipients 2016-2017

Mangla Gulati, MD, CPPS, FACP, SFHM (SOM), received a $9,000 grant for Building a High Reliability Organization – Interprofessional Development for Safer Care. The team, consisting of Deborah Schofield, PhD, DNP, CRNP, FAANP (UMMC/SON), Alison Duffy, PharmD, BCOP (SOP), Emily Heil, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID, AAHIVP (SOP), and Kerri Thom, MD, MS (SOM), will develop a faculty development program to incorporate patient safety into daily care and to engage residents and students to assist in the design and implementation of this program to fully understand how to best engage and empower the learners who represent the clinical workforce of the future. Interdisciplinary relationship building will be accomplished through this initiative’s multiple teamwork opportunities and shared didactic sessions within the curriculum. To learn more, please email Dr. Gulati or call at 410-328-7605.

Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, BCPS, CPE (SOP), was awarded a $10,000 grant for Developing Active Learning for an Interprofessional Online Course on Palliative Care. Faculty members Nina Bemben, PharmD, BCPS (SOP), John Cagle, PhD (SSW), Delia Chiaramonte, MD (SOM), Karen Kaiser, PhD, RN (UMMS), Kashelle Lockman, PharmD (SOP), Michelle Pearce, PhD (SOM), Douglas Ross, MD (SOM), Leah Sera, PharmD, BCPS (SOP), Kathryn Walker, PharmD, BCPS, CPE (SOP), and Debra Wiegand, PhD, RN (SON), will collaborate on an online Master of Science program in palliative care. Selected introductory courses will be offered to students at the schools of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, social work, dentistry, and law. The purpose of this program, and courses within the program, is to provide interprofessional education and training for professionals who wish to gain experience in caring for patients with advanced and terminal illnesses and their families, emphasizing and integrating the unique contributions made by all disciplines — physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers, dentists, chaplains, and grief and bereavement specialists. To learn more, please email Dr. McPherson or call at 410-706-3682.

Isabel Rambob, DDS (SOD), was awarded a $10,000 grant for IPE: HIV Oral Health Screening Across the Life Span. Faculty members Mary Jo Bondy, DHEd, MHS, PA-C (Graduate School), Mei Ching Lee, PhD, MS, RN, CHPN (SON), and Oksana Mishler, RDH, MS (SOD), combined their expertise to design a series of interprofessional modules for HIV oral health screening which will focus on knowledge and skills development. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has manifestations within the oral cavity and is frequently misdiagnosed by primary care providers, affecting patients’ health and quality of life. This initiative will advance UMB’s efforts to meet the core competencies for interprofessional education collaboration (IPEC) by providing opportunities and activities to students from various disciplines (i.e., dental, dental hygiene, physician assistant, and nursing) and by implementing a pilot project of interprofessional education intervention using online training, simulation experience and community outreach. The project will be evaluated by its effectiveness in increasing knowledge of oral health in the HIV population and enhancing interprofessional teamwork. To learn more, please email Dr. Rambob or call at 410-706-0745.