What We Do

Construction and Facilities Strategic Acquisitions (CFSA) supports the administrative and business needs of the University through soliciting competitive bids and proposals, and administrating the resulting contracts, including but not limited to the following: architectural/engineering services, construction management services, design build contracting services, general contracting services, electrical contracting services, mechanical contracting services, hazardous material abatement, automatic temperature controls, and landscaping. CFSA has the authority to declare if an emergency procurement is warranted and coordinates with relevant partners to ensure compliance with university regulations.

During an emergency, CFSA is the conduit for construction and maintenance purchases and works closely with Facilities and Operations departments including Design and Construction and Operations and Maintenance to conduct emergency and time-sensitive procurements. CFSA supports property protection, restoration of essential utilities, and continuity of essential functions and programs by performing various logistic and administrative functions that facilitate emergency procurement, resource acquisition, and contract administration.

Our work includes:

  • Conducting emergency procurement when an emergency condition exists that prevents the use of formal competitive procurement.
  • Performing time-sensitive procurement that is needed to address facilities and construction services for incidents with a current/imminent risk to safety, property, and public health.
  • Managing administrative tasks required for emergency procurement and institutional contracts that provide response and recovery services.
  • Maintaining the list of institutional cooperative and on-call contracts for construction and maintenance services