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Design and Construction provides facilities programming, design, and construction services to the UMB schools and administration, ranging from the smallest renovation job to the largest capital project.

The professional staff of architects, engineers, and project managers uses its collective experience and training to manage outside design consultants, construction contractors, and specialty service providers to design and build state-of-the-art, LEED-certified, and sustainable buildings and renovations for the campus and for the Regional Service Center.

Facilities Programming

  • Develop and implement the UMB Master Plan, Design Standards, and A/E Procedure Manual.
  • Develop programming documents for capital projects based on user requirements.
  • Develop design and construction standards for projects.
  • Conduct project feasibility studies, including economic analysis, to identify project viability.
  • Develop project budgets using historical cost data.
  • Develop campus infrastructure projects, including phasing and impact mitigation.


  • Coordinate all designs with the UMB Master Plan.
  • Manage the design process using outside design consultants.
  • Coordinate with the UMB schools and administration to facilitate design solutions that best address program requirements.
  • Review all design documents for compliance with the UMB Design Standards and A/E Procedure Manual.
  • Assist with Cost Estimate review and Value Engineering efforts to tailor the design to budgetary and scheduling limitations.
  • Serve on selection committees for A/E contracts.


  • Serve as liaison between construction contractors and UMB building end users.
  • Manage all construction projects.
  • Conduct all final punch list walkthrough meetings and project close-outs.
  • Serve on selection committees for contractors.
  • Conduct building inspections and witness system testing to ensure code and standards compliance.
  • Manage building commissioning process.