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  • Recycling Center/Electrical Substation Tour

    President Darryll Pines (UMD - College Park) and President Bruce Jarrell (UMB) got a tour of the newly opened Recycling Center and Electrical Substation building on campus.

  • May 2023 Celebration of World Facilities Day

    Learn more about UMB's 2023 celebration of World Facilities Day.

  • Spring 2023 Campus Cleanup With Sustainability and Environmental Services

  • Coppin State University College of Business Under Construction

Welcome to Facilities and Operations

Welcome to the Facilities and Operations webpage. You may not know WHO we are, but if you’re anywhere on campus, you know WHAT we do. We maintain the 60+ buildings that make up UMB's campus, we provide custodial and quality of life services for more than 6.9 million square feet of university space, we are responsible for procuring materials for, maintaining, renovating, and servicing the buildings, grounds, sidewalks, and utility infrastructure on our 71-acre Baltimore City campus. If you can see it, stand in it, or touch it, it’s part of Facilities and Operations.