President’s Student Leadership Institute

About UMB's Premier Student Leadership Institute

The President’s Student Leadership Institute (PSLI) is a co-curricular micro-credential program that exposes students to contemporary leadership and professional development issues. PSLI is an interprofessional program that creates opportunities for students in different fields to interact and learn from one another. PSLI features workshops led by institutional experts, featuring topics centered around UMB’s core values of Respect and Integrity, Well-Being and Sustainability, Equity and Justice, and Innovation and Discovery. As participants delve deeper into understanding these core values, they refine their leadership skills and align their personal and professional commitments with UMB's larger mission of serving the public through education, research, clinical care, and service. Through completing PSLI, participants emerge as principled professionals, prepared to serve as leaders in an ever-changing world.

PSLI open enrollment is now available.


PSLI Formats: PSLI-Live vs. PSLI-On-Demand

PSLI-Live: PSLI-Live offers in-person student engagement to enhance their leadership skills and personal growth. It provides opportunities to meet senior university figures, attend fireside chats with President Bruce Jarrell, participate in an in-person Poverty Simulation, and join Zoom-based workshops. This format focuses on helping students become better leaders while offering valuable experiences and interactions with university leaders.

Select PSLI-Live if you:

    • Can attend in-person events located at UMB’s home campus.
    • Want to engage with University leaders, such as President Bruce Jarrell, Provost Roger Ward, CFO Dawn Rhodes, etc.
    • Have availability during lunch periods to attend Zoom-based and/or in-person activities.


PSLI-On-Demand: PSLI-On-Demand is available online and lets you learn at your own pace. Offered in partnership with The Learning Institute, PSLI-On-Demand provides students access to a free micro-course on Blackboard with pre-recorded webinars. This format suits those with busy schedules or who are learning remotely, offering an accessible and self-paced option for leadership development.

Select PSLI-On-Demand if you:

    • Are unable to attend events at UMB’s home campus.
    • Have a busy schedule and are unable to attend pre-scheduled events.
    • Prefer learning online through Blackboard.