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Learning about our identities and the identities of others can be a messy and complicated process. That's why we launched The Table.

The Table with the Intercultural Center at UMB is a podcast that unpacks questions regarding race, ethnicity, culture, norms, and current events. New episodes will be released every month.  

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Latest Episodes

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Episode 11: Hispanic, Latino, Latinx?

What are the differences between the terms "Hispanic", "Latino", and "Latinx" and how should we define one of the largest growing ethnic groups in the United States? In this episode, we provide a brief history of the terms and how this identity has come to evolve over time. You'll also hear from Dr. Isabelita Rambob, DDS, an assistant professor at the School of Dentistry, and Rosemary Ferreira, MEd, who share their personal experiences identifying as Latinas. (Transcript: Hispanic, Latino, Latinx) 

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Episode 10: But Did My Parents 'Make It?': Reflections on Becoming Upwardly Mobile from a Daughter of Working-Class Immigrants

Upward mobility is considered a cornerstone of the American Dream, but what about the personal, communal, and cultural sacrifices made to achieve this dream? What about the guilt and dissonance that some first-generation college graduates express from transitioning into a social class different from their family and community members? 

In this episode Rosemary Ferreira, M.Ed. reflects on her experiences with upward mobility as she transitions from growing up in a working-class household to being the first in her family to graduate college to becoming a higher education professional. She interviews her mother, Maria Ferreira, to unpack her mixed emotions about her upward mobility and to hear about her mother's experience as a working-class immigrant. (Transcript: But Did My Parents 'Make It?') 

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Episode 9: Invisible/Hypervisible: Southwest Asian and North African Communities in the U.S.

Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) is an increasingly popular term to identify people from countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, and Syria. In the U.S., SWANA communities toddle between invisibility due to the U.S. Census Bureau's decision not to develop a distinct SWANA race and/or ethnicity category and hypervisibility due to stereotypical depictions of SWANA people as violent and barbaric (ever listen to the introductory song of that popular Disney movie Aladdin?). In this episode, we unpack SWANA invisibility/hypervisibility with Sama Sabihi, M.A., program coordinator for the Women in Engineering program at the University of Maryland, College Park. (Transcript: Invisible/Hypervisible: Southwest Asian & North African Communities)

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Smiling woman Courtney Jones Carney, MBA, executive director of Intercultural Leadership & Engagement, director of the Intercultural Center, and program director of the Intercultural Leadership Post-baccalaureate Certificate in the Graduate School at UMB

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Rosemary Ferreira, MEd, associate director of the Intercultural Center


The Table is written by Rosemary Ferreira, MEd, and produced by Courtney Jones Carney, MBA. Our executive producer and editor is Angela Jackson, senior marketing specialist in UMB Student Affairs. Podcast artwork is by Sarah Jung.

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