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Learning about our identities and the identities of others can be a messy and complicated process. That's why we launched The Table.

The Table with the Intercultural Center at UMB is a podcast that unpacks questions regarding race, ethnicity, culture, norms, and current events. New episodes will be released every month.  

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Latest Episodes

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Episode 17: Social Media and Social Movements

The Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, and Me Too are examples of movements in the 21st century that brought together large collectives of people in response to oppressive social, political, and economic institutions. What made these movements unique compared to those of the past was the use of an emerging digital space to share stories and spread news and information. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may not have had their roots in social activism, but they quickly became fertile grounds for people from across the globe to connect, learn about various social issues, and figure out how to get involved.

In this episode, we feature Ki-Yong Park, a School of Nursing student, to discuss his experiences learning about and engaging with social movements via social media as a Gen-Zer.

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Episode 16: Supporting Undocumented and DACA Students in Higher Education

After the election of President Trump in 2016, students across the country organized and demanded that universities become sanctuary campuses to protect the rights of undocumented students and other vulnerable populations. The Intercultural Center at UMB is a direct result of this student advocacy.

We invited Laura Bohórquez García, M.Ed. to discuss her personal and professional journeys advocating for undocumented students and pushing back against dominant narratives about immigrants that are rooted in white supremacy and capitalism. Through her expertise, we hope this episode serves as a resource for undocumented and DACA students as well as for staff and faculty who are interested in supporting this student population. 

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Episode 15: Why White Feminism Hurts

This episode is dedicated to unpacking the historic and present day harms of white feminism. We’re calling out these harmful practices so that we can move forward towards collective liberation for all bodies, not just those of white women.

Joining us for this episode is Kinley Millett, a student at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and a leader of the Intersectional Feminism and Social Work student organization. (Transcript: Why White Feminism Hurts)

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Smiling woman Courtney Jones Carney, MBA, executive director of Intercultural Leadership & Engagement, director of the Intercultural Center, and program director of the Intercultural Leadership Post-baccalaureate Certificate in the Graduate School at UMB

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Rosemary Ferreira, MEd, associate director of the Intercultural Center


The Table is written by Rosemary Ferreira, MEd, and produced by Courtney Jones Carney, MBA. Our executive producer and editor is Angela Jackson, senior marketing specialist in UMB Student Affairs. Podcast artwork is by Sarah Jung.

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