Intercultural Leadership Graduate Certificate

13 credit, 9.5 months, $635.50 per credit in state, $861.50 per credit out of state, Synchronous and asynchronous requirements, fall entry, and ideal for professionals of all fields

The Intercultural Leadership post-baccalaureate certificate (PBC) is a 13-credit graduate certificate that prepares professionals to build on existing competencies by exploring attitudes and perceptions of self and others, while equipping them to apply this knowledge in their professional practice. 

This Intercultural Leadership PBC is designed to be completed online through both synchronous and asynchronous learning during one academic year. 

This academic program is offered through the Graduate School and is currently not formally connected to the Intercultural Center. 

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Intercultural Leadership Competencies

Intercultural leadership focuses on leadership that centers the appreciation of the impact of cultural similarities and differences on how we interact with and lead others.

By developing your intercultural leadership competencies, you better equip yourself to navigate interactions across cultures and create work environments where employees can thrive across social identities.

These concepts apply equally to individuals, teams and entire organizations. Intercultural leadership competencies are an imperative to leveraging a diverse workforce and building productivity and innovation.