Recorded Webinars

Career Building Playlists

Playlist: Career Development Week (Spring 2023) 
Collected webinars recorded during UMB's 2023 Career Development Week

Playlist: Career Development 
Selected videos from the Career Development Micro-Course

Playlist: Public Speaking Videos 
Watch videos on public speaking sourced from the Public Speaking Micro-Course.

Assorted Webinar Recordings

Cover Letter Writing 
Learn the basics of writing a solid cover letter with Dr. Greg Brightbill

Crafting Your Narrative 
Do you know how to set yourself apart from other candidates? What makes you different, unique, and desirable? Come learn from Taylor DeBoer and Aaron Graham about ways you can make your resume and applicancy stand out in the crowd.

Frameworks for Ethical Decision Making 
Dr. Fotini Anagnostopoulos-King shares various ethical decision-making frameworks

Interview Skills 
Learn from Jessica Moreno how to excel at job interviewing

Interviewing Virtually: Interviewing Behind the Screen 
Join Dr. Gregory A. Brightbill as he explores this new virtual method of conducting interviews and teaches essential tips and tricks to excel behind the screen.

LinkedIn Tutorial and Tips 
Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level with Dr. Gregory A. Brightbill

Managing Stress While Navigating Your Job Search 
Dawn Shafer shares tips for managing stress while searching for a new job

Personal Branding and Your Virtual Presence 
Learn how to evaluate and improve your digital brand and online presence with Dr. Gregory A. Brightbill

Resume/CV: Top Mistakes 
Dr. Greg Brightbill shares the top resume/cv mistakes and how to fix them

Resume Writing 
Enhance your resume writing skills with Dr. Courtney Jones Carney

Servant Leadership 
Dr. Gregory A. Brightbill teaches the history and components of the servant leadership philosophy

Social Media for Career Development 
Learn from Jenn Aumiller how to improve your social media to advance your career

Time Management: The CRAB Method 
Learn the basics of time management and how to use the C.R.A.B. method to organize your time.

Zooming Professionally: 4-Tips for Zoom-Friendly Professionalism 
Learn how to be a professional while engaging and interacting online through Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams