Fire or Emergency Evacuation

If you discover a fire or emergency situation inside a building, you should:

  1. Activate the manual alarm pull station. They are located near emergency exits.
  2. Call 911 once you are a safe distance away.

Evacuation Procedures

You should do the following:

  1. Do not use elevators.
  2. Immediately evacuate using marked emergency exits.
  3. Individuals requiring evacuation assistance should go to the designated area for rescue assistance on their floor and await further instructions.
  4. Obey Emergency Wardens and emergency response officials.
  5. Evacuate in an orderly manner. Walk, don’t run.
  6. Stay in single file in the stairways.
  7. If all exits from a floor are blocked, return to your work area and:
    1. Close the door and place a towel or article of clothing along the bottom edge of the door.
    2. Open the windows for fresh air and hang an article of clothing or other similar article out the window. This will let the fire department know you are still in the building.
    3. If the window cannot be opened, DO NOT BREAK the glass.
  8. If you must remain in a room during a fire or other emergency, remain calm and call 911. Advise the dispatcher of your location and the situation and wait for the fire department to assist you.