General Campus Evacuation

Campus evacuation is one of several response options available to emergency management directors and employees of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) in the event of an emergency. 

The campus evacuation plan can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with the Shelter-in-Place plan as a means of protecting students and staff in the event of airborne hazards, civil disturbances, or weather emergencies. It is an option for limiting the potential exposure of persons to hazards that may be present in the environment.

Campus evacuation can create or worsen existing traffic congestion problems and must be used sparingly. The Office of Public Safety is the primary response unit for campus evacuation. Secondary responsibility is with the Parking Office and OEA Office of Communication.

In the event campus evacuation is recommended by the Emergency Management Team or the appropriate governmental authority and approved by the president of UMB, the following actions will be taken.

  • Notification will be sent to the individual schools and administrative departments via the usual communication channels: telephone, web, email, and voicemail.
  • Fire wardens and shelter-in-place coordinators will be notified to make sure the information is distributed.
  • The fire alarm should not be used to notify building occupants of an evacuation plan unless no other option exists. Pulling the fire alarm could overload primary responders unnecessarily.
  • If traffic is anticipated to be a problem as likely with any area-wide event, the Emergency Management Team may make a recommendation to shelter-in-place temporarily until the situation improves. In the event that sheltering-in-place is not an option, alternate means of leaving the area should be considered (e.g., public transit, walking, carpooling).
  • Traffic warnings and blockages also can be posted at bulletin boards located at the parking garage exits. Students and staff also can check city evacuation routes and traffic congestion at one of the following two websites:

Arrangements need to be made to temporarily transport and house students living in on-campus housing (Pascault Row and the Student Union). UMB has a shuttle bus service and housing on campus.

Decisions about releasing essential employees will be made by the responsible director or department head based upon the situation and need.

Campus staff should monitor updates posted on the UMB Campus Alerts website. The same information can be obtained by dialing the campus emergency announcements phone number or 410-706-8622. If electronic communication has been disrupted, fire wardens on each floor will have up-to-date information on the emergency condition via their preplanned communication network.