Submission Rules & Guidelines

Submissions are no longer being accepted for the next issue of 1807.

Who May Submit

Any of the following people who are aligned with UMB in one of the following ways may submit:

  • UMB faculty
  • UMB staff
  • UMB students
  • UMB affiliates*
    • UMB alumni
    • UMB retirees
    • UMMC employees
    • BioPark employees
    • West Baltimore neighbors living in one of the seven West Baltimore neighborhoods that make up the Southwest Partnership: Barre Circle, Franklin Square, Hollins Roundhouse, Mount Clare, Pigtown, Poppleton, and Union Square
    • Previous 1807 artists

*Affiliates are those who have a relationship with UMB but are not faculty, staff or students.

When to Submit

The deadline to submit is Feb. 14, 2023.

Artists and authors are encouraged to submit early because the site may become overwhelmed in the hour or two before the deadline.

What You May Submit

We accept writing, photography, and photographs of artwork.



  • Poetry
  • Essays
  • Narratives
  • Short stories (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Other

 Visual Art 

  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Digital art
  • Other


  • Landscape
  • People
  • Art
  • Other

Varied Art

  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Jewelry
  • Other

We accept up to five submissions per person total (not per category). Any more than 5 submissions will be deleted. Only the first 5 will be eligible for review.

One submission may be a single item or a series of items connected by a common theme, look, color, pattern, type, etc. 1807 reserves the right to group like or similar entries as a series.

Within legal parameters, certain works deemed pornographic, violent, or otherwise unacceptable for publication will not be considered for publication.

Note: A maximum of one submission per person will be selected per category for publication.

How to Name Your Art

When submitting to any category, please name the filename of your artwork after the title of the piece. Please do not include any personally identifying info, such as the artist's name.
Ex: For a painting titled "A World Away" use the filename: a_world_away

How to Submit, Submission Parameters, and Plagiarism

Submissions will be accepted electronically via Submittable.

You may re-submit unpublished entries from a prior year. 

The journal will not accept submissions through postal services or email. If needed, University computers will be available for submitting items for consideration. Please contact if you need access to a computer to submit your work.

When submitting, there are several categories from which to choose; please choose the correct category for the type of work you want to submit. Incorrectly categorizing your art may result in disqualification.

Work that is submitted to 1807 must not be plagiarized or violate copyright laws. If a submitted work is plagiarized and/or violates copyright laws, the work will be disqualified. Please review this document for more information.

Visual Submission Guidelines

The quality of the image you submit of your artwork matters. While we appreciate that not everyone is a photographer, in the design/layout stage of creating the journal, we can “fudge the image a little” to enlarge a photograph, but we do so at the risk of losing detail. So this is not our preference. Therefore, please submit the best photo you are able to take or solicit the help of a photographer to help provide the best photo of your artwork. 

Please create and submit a high-resolution (see “Image Size”) image of your artwork by using these tips and guidelines.

In the interest of fairness, the judges should not know the identity of the artist when evaluating the artwork. Please conceal personally identifying info, such as an artist's signature, from your artwork(s). If your artwork is selected for publication in the journal, you may be asked for a version with the signature unhidden.

Literary Submission Guidelines - Formatting Your Manuscript

There is a 1000 word limit on submissions. If your submission is an excerpt from your larger written work, please preface the submission with the words "Excerpt from [your title]."

All manuscripts should be formatted in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins and sequentially numbered pages.

Fiction and nonfiction should be double-spaced.

Poetry should be single-spaced.

Written submissions should be saved as Doc or DocX files (no PDFs, please). 

Written entries with errors/ typos etc may be disqualified or published as-is.

Files submitted in unreadable file formats will not be considered.

Other Important Things to Know

Files submitted in unreadable file formats will not be considered.

Submissions must include a biosketch of up to 100 words that may be included in the printed or online publication.

How to get help with submission questions or obstacles:

Unpublished works: We accept only writing, photography, and imagery of art that has not been previously published, in print or online.

Simultaneous submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions (submissions that have been submitted to other contests, journals, etc.), but you must inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

Gallery Show

Please indicate on your submission form if you are willing to display your artwork, if selected, in an art gallery display.

Copies of 1807

Published artists/authors will receive one copy of the printed issue of 1807 in which their work appears.


All artists or authors who submit work to 1807 must agree to the terms.