Council Initiatives

The UMB Council for the Arts & Culture sponsors programs, events, and groups that promote the history of our University; celebrate the creative talents of our students, faculty, and staff; and allow the UMB community to experience arts and culture through a variety of avenues.


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The council, in collaboration with other groups on the UMB campus, hosts artists like Carol Carpenter, and the exhibit “Transcending Reality.”

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The council helps promote and support 1807, including creating a gallery of the journal’s works of arts. 

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Public Art

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The council sponsors works of public art on the UMB campus, such as “Stochastic Interactionsunveiled in October 2018.

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The council promotes the formation of groups such as the Artists’ Alliance, which helps UMB professionals who are balancing their work and creative lives.

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The council facilitates neighborhood beautification projects, commissioning the painting of murals on K-12 partner school buildings.

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The council boosts UMB’s community engagement efforts with an annual Neighborhood Spring Festival in West Baltimore.

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