Art and Literary Journal

A photographer, a painter, and a writer

UMB’s Council for the Arts & Culture is pleased to announce that the inaugural edition of an art and literary journal will launch in spring 2019.

The mission of the publication is to encourage members of the University community to express themselves creatively through art and the written word. The annual journal will showcase the talents of our faculty, staff, students, and affiliates in the visual arts (painting, drawing, photography), other art mediums (sculpture, clay, metal, glass, wood), and the written word (short story, essay, poetry). The journal seeks high-caliber, unpublished works that broadly and creatively relate to our themes of social justice, health, healing, the mind, and the body. An editorial board has been formed and submission information will be published soon.

In the meantime, we are asking for your help in naming the journal. If you have an idea, please submit your suggestion below. You may submit more than one idea, and you have the option of explaining why you are suggesting the submitted name. The winner will receive a prize. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Final published entries are at the sole discretion of the UMB Editorial Review Board.