International Students Organization (ISO)

The ISO is the parent organizations of most of the cultural organizations on campus, and it works to coordinate efforts among the various organizations. The ISO seeks to establish a platform for international students and non-international students to interact and engage in social activities where its members can share their unique backgrounds and culture. It is the ISO's goal to ensure that all cultures are represented on the UMB campus. 

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A smiling student in front of a tan, patterned background.

Sean Mujin Kim

Sean (Mujin) is a first year pharmacy student. Sean received his Bachelor’s in Biology from Liberty University and took 3 years of gap year, working as a Research and Development scientist from a contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company. Sean came from South Korea to the U.S. as a 16 years old. Sean envisions to be a pharmacist, who can bring a great impact on healthcare system, especially in pharmaceutical industry setting. As an ISO Senator, Sean will put an effort to recognize ISO in the UMB campus, and also bridge cultural gaps.