USGA Funding Request Process

Your student group may request funding from the USGA to support your organization's semester events!

To be considered for USGA funding:

1. Events must appeal to and benefit a diverse group of UMB students.

  • Events must be attended by students representing 4 of the 7 UMB schools.
  • A maximum of 80% of students in attendance can be representative of any single school.

2. Watch Video Tutorials about the USGA Funding Process

3. Submit Funding Request

Note: USGA is also prohibited from funding certain items and activities, which are further detailed here.


The USGA reviews funding requests on a rolling basis at its monthly meetings.

To participate in the funding process, a representative from your organization MUST view the OFR Funding Presentation video.

The Funding Process

1) At the first senate meeting of each semester, the Treasurer will inform the senate how much funding is available

2) Students or Organizations applying for funds must completely fill out the UMBEngaged Event Form.

3) The Appropriations Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Senate, which will vote on funding at the meetings subsequent to each cycle.

4) If applying for funds in the initial cycle, unaffiliated groups must send a representative to the initial funding meeting to present the event and answer questions from the senate

7) The Senate, after having received the presentation and the recommendation from the Treasurer/Appropriations, will vote whether to fund the event

8) The Treasurer will notify applicants within 48 hours about the approval status and/or any stipulations, reductions, required modifications, or recommendations.

Additional information about the Organization Funding process will be provided at these information sessions. Please contact the USGA treasurer ( with questions or concerns.