USGA Funding

Your student group may request funding from the USGA to support your organization's semester events!

To be considered for USGA funding:

1. Events must appeal to and benefit a diverse group of UMB students.

  • Events must be attended by students representing 4 of the 7 UMB schools.
  • A maximum of 80% of students in attendance can be representative of any single school.

2. Student Organization Officers must complete the USGA Mandatory Student Organization Funding and Reimbursement Training

3. Submit Funding Request

Note: USGA is also prohibited from funding certain items and activities, which are further detailed here.


Prohibited Use of Funds 

Funds cannot be used for…

  • Gifts over $20.00, donations, or dues to a separate organization
  • Salaries, stipends, or cash gifts (including gift cards) to any individual
  • Any type of reimbursement for expenses incurred prior to the creation of the project
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Damage fees
  • Sales tax
  • Personal expenses, to include, but not limited to phone calls, room services, porter fees
  • Any event that is not expressly open to all UMB students on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnic background, physical or mental disability, age, veteran status or sexual orientation
  • Expenditures deemed illegal by city, county, state, and/or national authorities
  • Expenses related to political donations or those which influence public policy and government
  • Vouchers for food and delivery services (Eg: Grubhub, UbeEats, Doordash, etc.)

Funding Request Rules 

  1. Student organization Officers are required to complete the USGA Funding and Reimbursement Online Training.
  2. Student organization Officers should be responsible for submitting purchase requests, purchasing items, and/or submitting for payment or reimbursement. If a student organization member, who is not an officer, would like to request funds or make purchases on behalf of the student organization, they must complete the mandatory USGA Funding and Reimbursement Online Training.
  3. Funding requests must be submitted 3 weeks before an upcoming USGA meeting. Click here to view the deadlines and dates.
  4. Funds must be used towards a campus-wide event where all UMB students are invited.
  5. The event must be added to UMBengaged (Learn how to create and manage events in UMB engaged)
  6. Events must be advertised using 3 different flyers or postings. Advertisements can include Campus Life Weekly, Elm Weekly, Elm Stories, by flyer, or through social media. Advertisements must include the phrase "co-sponsored by USGA"
  7. USGA Funds and Purchases Guidelines
    1. All funds are administered by UMB, regardless of fund source. UMB funds include State-appropriated general funds, tuition, fees, and other income, as well as auxiliary funds, revolving/discretionary funds, Designated Research Initiative Funds, gifts, contract or grant revenues, and other restricted funds.
      (For a more detailed list, see Prohibited Use of Funds)

USGA Funding Request Submission Process  


Step 1: A student organization officer and/or a student organization member who has completed the mandatory USGA Funding and Reimbursement Online Training, should log into UMBengaged and access their student groups dashboard, and click “money” and then “budgeting.”

Step 2: Click the button located in the top right corner, labeled “Create Budget Requests”

Step 3: Complete the form and input the total amount you are requesting. You do not need to add multiple items to a funding request.

Step 4: Review your request and click submit. Your request should now be visible in your budget dashboard. Notice the yellow dot, which means the budget request is under review. A budget request is not approved until a green dot appears.

You should also receive a confirmation email from UMBengaged (

Step 5:  Business and Finance Services and the USGA Treasurer review the request, therefore deciding whether the form will be approved, rejected, or if modifications to the form need to be made by the student organization. If approved, the individual who submitted the form should get an email notification that their budget has been reviewed and has been forwarded to the USGA Finance Committee. If approved, the form will be forwarded to the USGA Senate for a final vote and approval.

Step 6: If the USGA Senate votes to approve the funding request, the student organization representative who submitted the USGA Funding Request Form will be notified by email. Until this final step is completed, the student organization should not make any expenditures with the expectation of being reimbursed.

Funding Reimbursement Rules 

After USGA has voted and approved the funding request, the student organization may spend up to the amount approved by USGA. The following rules apply to the student organization's expenditures:

  1. No spending may occur prior to the USGA funding approval meeting
  2. People requesting reimbursement must have completed the mandatory USGA Funding and Reimbursement Online Training. Individuals who have not completed the training should not be making expenditures on behalf of the student organization.
  3. All post-event documentation for events must be submitted before reimbursement of funds occurs
  4. Purchases should be made using a credit or debit card and include a clear, legible, and itemized receipt. The receipt should not include any personal expenditures not related to the student organization or the reimbursement request. Invoices and quotes should also be provided if available.
  5. Expenditures that exceed the approved amount will not be reimbursed
  6. reimbursement request must be submitted to UMBengaged within 14 days following the event, or the end of the semester, whichever is first.

Funding Reimbursement Process 

Step 1: Upload and/or confirm the list or event attendees in UMBengaged. (Learn how to manage events in UMBengaged)

Step 2: Log into your student organization’s dashboard in UMBengaged, and access the budget feature under “money.” Confirm that your funding request was approved by checking for the green dot next to your request.

Step 3: Next to the budget request, click

Step 4: Input the amount of money being reimbursed, and upload and report the following items:

  • Copy of three advertisements that include the phrase "co-sponsored by USGA" - 2 Campus-Wide (Elm/Campus Life Weekly) and 1 other advertisement.
  • Photocopies of all invoices or receipts documenting the expenses that you are seeking to reimburse. Receipts should be legible and itemized.
  • A bank or credit card statement and/or copy of a check with the purchase and name of the account owner visible on the statement/check. (Personal information can be blacked out)

Step 5: Click submit.

Step 6: Confirm submission.

You should receive a notification that your reimbursement request was received.

Step 7: Receive approval and reimbursement. Once your reimbursement request has been approved, you will receive an automated email from UMBengaged, and another email from UMB Business and Finances with directions on getting your reimbursement.