Resource Library

Marketing and Branding


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Digital Business Cards

A new beta program allows UMB members to try out new digital business cards. 


Branding Pins

Logo and Templates 

These are the approved logos of UMB.



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Marketing Rule of Seven

When creating messaging for marketing the Marketing rule of seven can improve campaigns. 


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Ordering Stationery 

Learn how you can order UMB-branded stationery. 

Social Media


Different social media icons

Best Practices

Learn smarter ways to use your social media on each platform. 


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Plan Your Social Media

What to consider before creating a new account. 


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Tools and Resources

A curated list of tools for use on different social media platforms.


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Account Directory

A list of all social media accounts associated with UMB.



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Web Image Specifications

Cheat sheet for image sizes on webpages. 


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Get T4 Trained

Learn how to use T4 with our experts. 


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Web Office Hours

Have a quick question about T4? Sign up for our office hours. 


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Web Manual

The complete manual of how to build, edit, and work in T4, along with guidelines for the UMB website.

Writing and Editing


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Best Practices for Web Writing

Tone, style, tips, and tricks of the language throughout the UMB website. 


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Editorial Style Guide for the Web

A guide on grammar for the language throughout the UMB website. 


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Print Style Guide

A guide for print documents.