Services and Pricing

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs (OCPA) supports both internal and external strategic marketing and communications needs for the UMB campus to ensure consistent branding and messaging. Our internal efforts support various administrative departments and initiatives such as the Office of the President, Administration and Finance, Parking and Transportation Services, the CURE Scholars Program, and UMBrella. We are responsible for exterior branding and signage; ad placements in digital and print media; and Universitywide communications through digital displays (eboards), Constant Contact, The Elm Weekly, and social media.

We provide branding for the schools of UMB as well as initial look creations, text lockups, and document templates. We are a resource for branding questions, social media guidelines, and best practices. For additional fees, we provide design services for special projects including annual reports, proposals, posters, event flyers, digital displays, and conference materials. Using our services to create cohesive marketing campaigns can promote your program to potential students, faculty, and staff, raise awareness, and support advocacy efforts and fundraising. 

We also offer photography and videography services and have dedicated media, editorial services, and web design teams available to collaborate on your specific marketing needs. Our seamless process includes communication between our client, marketing specialists, designers, editors, and web team.

We are a paid service on campus. Below are the fees for the different services. If you are unsure of the amount of time a project might take, please fill out a work request form and select “This is an estimate.”

All projects must have a work request form for work to be done on the project. 

To make sure our work is high-quality, all projects have a three-week projected deadline. This does not mean that your project will take the full three weeks. Larger projects might take longer depending on the size of the product. Other smaller projects might take less time. Please indicate if there is a specific reason why you need the project done by a certain date. 

Service Timeline Fee
Design 3 weeks (depending on the size of the project) $55 per hour
Web  3 weeks (depending on the size of the project) $55 per hour
Social Media Coverage 3 business days notice before service $55 per hour

3 business days notice before service

10 business days to get photos back to you

$100 per hour 



3 business days notice before service

10 business days to get photos back to you

$25 person (under 8 people) 


3 business days notice before service

$100 per hour
Drone Video

3 business days notice before service

$160 per hour
Writing and Editing 3 weeks (depending on the size of the project) $55 per hour
Other Services 3 weeks (depending on the size of the project) $55 per hour


Don't see what you are looking for? Fill out a work request form, and we will try to help you reach your marketing goals. 


A computer connected with people and devices

Digital Design

Includes eboards, ecards, banners, brochures, cards, invitations, flyers, and other services



Bubbles with Marketing terms


OCPA is your source for project management, marketing plans, and production.



A camera man and a new caster

Media Relations

If you are contacted by a member of the news media, please contact us and we can teach you how to handle media coverage.


A Mean kissing a woman at graduation

Photography and Videography

Need great video of an event? Maybe you need some head shots. We have a ton of videography and photography services. 


People sitting together looking at their devices

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Learn how you can better your marketing strategy with our social media experts.


Hands on a keyboard

Web and Interactive Media

For all your web and interactive media needs on campus. 

A quill on the page


Writing and Editing

Our writers and editors help make you sound better. See what services they offer.