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Our CPA Web Team provides a variety of services, explore below to see in more detail.

Web Application Development

Developing custom web applications that meet specific needs


Graphic Design for the Web

Design and produce web-safe graphics that incorporate accessibility guidelines and adhere to UMB’s branding and style standards.



Website Template and Layout Design

Create stylesheets and website structuring that meet client needs and are consistent with UMB branding and accessibility standards, as well as the look and feel for the specific client.


User Experience Research

Execute user-testing in small groups at any phase of the design process, depending on client needs. Prioritize the key audiences that a client is trying to reach, and their specific needs, expectations, and the outcomes we observe in their testing.


Wireframe and Mockup Creation

Design working prototypes before the production of a website; this includes proposed information architecture, content structure, and visual/interactive elements for the client to review and approve.


Information Architecture

Provide guidance and recommendations on how a site should be structured to make it intuitive and user-friendly. We use an iterative process that balances client needs and how individuals use the web.


Website Content Audits

Create an inventory of existing website content that itemizes each page on the client’s site and assesses the current structure of the site overall. This is a critical step in any redesign process.


Web Content Writing

Draft web content based on UMB’s editorial style guide and web writing best practices. We can provide writing services as well as make recommendations on how to improve proposed web content so that it’s appropriate for the web, readable, and intuitive.


Web Content Updates

Provide routine updates or website revisions that are specifically focused on content.


Newsletter Creation

Create a simple newsletter for clients via Constant Contact, including all production after the final design is approved (we support email building for each newsletter issue, email list-building, and delivery, analytics reporting/link tracking, etc.).


Online Form Creation

Manage registration or application forms for events/programs, etc. We can provide analytics dashboards and regular updates of submissions. All forms are customized according to the needs of the client.

Online Survey Creation

Produce surveys through SurveyMonkey that help clients in data or feedback collection.


ADA Accessibility

Provide advice on how to adhere to guidelines that were established through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which we enforce on all Umaryland.edu web properties.


Browser Compatibility

Ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility for all web products to guarantee a consistent user experience.


Additions to the UMB Mobile App

Add new functionality to the UMB Mobile app that is possible within the limitations of our application platform.


Project Management

Manage things like: oversight of a project that involves external vendors or stakeholders but will also pass through our team before execution; also, for creating timelines, cost estimates, and other projections for specific deliverables.


Vanity URL Creation and Page Redirects

For a specific campaign, we can create “vanity” URLs — short, memorable URLs that are ideal for both print and digital distribution. We also create redirects for specific content that may be older, or that may just need a more user-friendly shortcut.


SEO Advice and Guidance

Guide UMB departments and units on best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) and how to leverage various search tools to increase traffic to their site for a particular audience.


"How To" Manual Creations

We curate step by step instructions to help our users complete a certain task at hand. It is provided with pictures and arrows and detailed explanations to help the user understand what something means when following each step.


Trainings for the Web

We provide regular trainings for UMB’s primary content management system, T4, Siteimprove, the UMB Mobile app, as well as for general best practices for the web. We also assist with onboarding of new web employees across the University, including for those that will be the primary website managers for specific departments and units.


Technical Troubleshooting

Our web properties are very complex and use many different technologies. Because of this, things are sometimes at risk of not functioning as intended. We regularly monitor any issues or bugs, and act quickly to solve problems brought to our attention.


Browse the UMB Website Manual for important guidelines and tips for keeping your site current. If you have questions, comments, or feedback about the UMB website, you can meet with us during office hours or write to us using our web feedback form.



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