Special Scenarios


Special fundraising events are activities such as banquets, theater programs, golf tournaments, etc. designed to raise money for a particular purpose or program, where the attendee receives a benefit through their participation.

If you are conducting a special event and you would like to use a Foundation account for this purpose, you must:

  • Submit all literature advertising the event to UMB Foundation Gift Administration for review prior to printing the literature: GiftAdmin@umaryland.edu. UMBF reserves the right to refuse deposits where the literature has not been submitted for prior review.
  • All materials must include the following statement: Funds for this event/initiative are administered by the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.
  • Additionally, the fair market value must be clearly identified and listed on solicitation materials. This quid pro quo amount is not tax deductible. All benefits received by the purchaser have a fair market value. To determine the fair market value of the benefit, items such as the value of the food and beverage, entertainment, favors or giveaways, green fees, cart rentals, parking, etc., should be considered. The fair market value is the price an individual would be willing to pay to purchase a comparable item or attend a comparable event. Please note that this is unrelated to the cost of holding the event. In other words, even if the food is donated for the program, the IRS has determined that the attendee still receives a benefit, so the fair market value calculation is required.
  • If the ticket amount is over and above the fair market value of the event, or if the attendee chooses to make a charitable contribution over and above the fair market value of the event, the Operations office will provide a gift receipt identifying the portion of their payment that is tax deductible.
  • Suggested language for registration/ticket forms: The University of Maryland School of ______ has determined that the fair market value of these benefits is $_____. Only the portion of your gift above this amount is considered a charitable contribution for tax purposes.


Since auctions can be difficult to administer from both a fundraising and accounting perspective, contact UMBF Gift Administration before planning these events: GiftAdmin@umaryland.edu.

Certain items donated for auction may not be tax deductible in the eyes of the IRS, including legal, financial, or other consulting services and use of a vacation home or time share. No gift receipts can be issued for these kinds of items.


The UMB Foundation, Inc. will NOT accept any funds generated by raffles.

Student Fundraising

No student may solicit gifts and grants on behalf of a School, Unit, or the University without the prior knowledge and approval from the Office of Foundation Operations, as appropriate. Informal exploratory inquiries to locate possible outside sources of support do not require such prior approval. To discuss specific fundraising opportunities please contact GiftAdmin@umaryland.edu