UMBF Policies and Procedures

UMBF is a 501(c)(3) public charity established to receive, manage, and invest private gifts and/or property on behalf of and for the benefit of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB); facilitate fundraising programs; and engage in other activities to advance the educational, clinical, and service missions of UMB.

The University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.’s Policies and Procedures library are outlined below as a guideline for individuals with regular business with the Foundation. They were constructed to be alignment with the University of Maryland, Baltimore as appropriate and the University System of Maryland (USM) Policy on Affiliated Philanthropic Support Foundations.

For questions regarding Foundation accounts, endowments, or disbursement requests, please contact; for questions regarding incoming philanthropic donations or gift processing

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Mission Statement

The classification and the guiding principles of the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation. 

Whistleblower Policy

Conflict of Interest, Nepotism, Whistle Blower 

Record Retention and Destruction

How to keep records and how to dispose of them.

Gift Acceptance Guidelines

Restrictions, Accepting Gifts from Faculty and Staff, Philanthropic Gifts-in-Kind, Private Fundraising and Stewardship,

Special Scenarios

Auctions, Raffles, Student Fundraising


Annual Pledges, Multi-Year Pledges, Booking Pledge Payments,  Pledge Review and Write-off 


Check Acceptance Policy, Online Transactions, ACH/Wire Transfer, Transferring Securities, Securities Held by a Broker

Foundation Account Administration

New Account Request, Account Information Change Request, Close/Inactivate Account

Routing and Acceptance of Grant Applications

Grant Proposal Submission, Grant Award Receipt 


Disbursement Request Criteria, Payments to Vendors, Reimbursements to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Reimbursements to Employees, Meals and Entertainment, Travel, Flowers/Memorial Contributions, Employee Appreciation, Gift Cards/Gift Certificates, Cell Phone Costs, Disallowed Expenditures, Students, Electronic Disbursement Request Form 

Taxes and Contracts

Sale of Merchandise, Contracts 


Purpose, Administration, Investment Policy, Stewardship of Endowed Funds 

Donor Bill of Rights

Discover the principles guiding the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. in its commitment to the Donor Bill of Rights, ensuring transparency, responsible stewardship, and donor satisfaction in the philanthropic journey.

Planned Giving

Guidelines for the Identification and Solicitation of Planned Gifts and Bequests.

Interfacing Entities

This section lists each of these organizations and indicates their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Foundation.