Board of Trustees

The University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity established to receive, manage, and invest private gifts and/or property on behalf of and for the benefit of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB); facilitate fundraising programs; and engage in other activities to advance the educational, research, clinical and service missions of UMB. The Board of Trustees (Board) is comprised of influential and committed individuals who are dedicated to pursuing the mission of UMB. The continued success of UMB depends on the voluntary commitment of the elected Board who affirm the privilege to serve and the responsibility to lead. To enhance the momentum of the University, each member of the Board is expected to be a vigorous advocate and a proactive communicator of UMBF’s mission and to assist in philanthropy-related activities for UMB.

Board of Trustees

Harry C. Knipp, MD, FACR 

Ellen H. Yankellow, PharmD 
Vice Chair

John C. Weiss III

Mouna Aissaoui, MBA

Anthony P. Ashton, Esq.

Scott Canuel

Marco A. Chacon, PhD

Harold E. Chappelear

Charles W. Cole Jr.

Steve Conly

Luke Cooper

Steve Dubin, JD

Tisha S. Edwards, MSW, JD

Jennifer Estabrook, JD, MBA

Patricia Florestano, PhD

Carolyn B. Frenkil

Barry L. Garber

Brian J. Gibbons, JD

Mary C. Gregory

Emerson "Randy" Hall, Jr., PhD

Joseph R. Hardiman

Jeff Johnson

Alvin Katz

James A.C. Kennedy

Ray Lewis

Samantha Mellerson

Mike Muldowney

Damien Myers

Frank Palmer

Todd L. Parchman

Edward L. Perl, MD

Nneka Rimmer

Theo C. Rodgers

Alan J. Silverstone

Frederick G. Smith, DDS

Michael G. Stankus

C. William Struever

Richard L. Taylor, MD, FAAN

Mei Xu

Trustees Emeriti

Edward J. Brody

James A. Earl, PhD

Morton P. Fisher Jr., Esq.

Richard J. Himelfarb

Wallace J. Hoff

Kempton M. Ingersol

Kyle P. Legg

Thomas P. O’Neill

Hon. Janet S. Owens

William T. Wood, Esq.

Ex-Officio Members

Jay A. Perman, MD
President, University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB)

Bruce E. Jarrell, MD
Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Thomas J. Sullivan, CFRE, MS
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Vice President, UMB
President/CEO, UMBF, Inc.

Pam Heckler
Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer, UMBF, Inc.

Legal Counsel

Jordan I. Bailowitz, Esq.
Partner, DLA Piper


Pam Heckler

Jan Wright